What About Phil?

Phil Schaefer loves the places we call home and has made it his life’s work to help in the business of home buying and selling. A student of period architecture (his major in college), Phil’s specialty are the beautiful homes in the historic neighborhood of Floral Park and Park Santiago, Santa Ana California. These unique properties were built in the era spanning from the 1920s to late mid-century. Yes, Phil sells houses here, by the hundreds. Some 3 and four times over. (See some of Phil’s favorite homes and clients that he’s represented)

Favorite homes sold.

If Phil were an architect many years ago, these are the houses he would have designed. Instead, today through his selling skills he has represented them and is now part of their rich and continuing story. Yes, for 27 years Phil has sold houses here, literally by the hundreds. Some 3 and four times over. To ensure the value of this neighborhood, Phil resides on Historic Resources Commission for the city of Santa Ana. And Phil has become an invaluable resource for his client’s renovation endeavors. His curated list of knowledgeable, skilled, and trusted contractors, electricians, painters, masons and landscape architects have become “go-to” sources for Phil’s clients.