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Homes started to appear in WFP in the late 1940’s along 19th street and Riviera Dr. originally an extension of Riverside but changed to a more modern name that evoked travel and class. The oldest home is a farmhouse on Westwood that faced 17th with a long dirt driveway which became Westwood Ave. That home was built in 1895, know as the A.T Bates- Stock Ranch House. By 1950 homes were being built on several streets and the Ranch style was by far the most popular. You can find Cape Cod homes, minimal transitional, traditional and mid century modern Styles. The standard lots are around 7,000 sqft but many are much larger up to 1/3 area lots. Several builders were popular. Allison Honer built several on 19th & 20th and scattered throughout the neighborhood. Roy Russell was the most prolific and he lived in several while marketing them. He ultimately built his dream home on Louise. That street he developed for move up past clients. The homes had to be a minimum of 2,000sqft, his was 4,000sqft. Many were 2 story. Marion St was names after Marion Buchheim. The Buchheim’s grew oranges and traded their land for a new home at 1113 Riviera in 1956 to Hugh Neighbour who also built many homes here and lived on Santa Clara. Art Herrick who was the son in law of Emmitt Rogers built most of the homes on Riviera, Westwood & Rosewood. The homes north of Santa Clara are on larger 1/4 acre lots and include the newest homes built on N. Towner and Lowell. All homes in West Floral Park are custom and many are eligible for historic status and a few are listed with Mills Act Taxes.

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